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2015 Braveheart Snowshoe Racing Series Information

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The Braveheart Snowshoe Racing Series is returning for the 6th year!  

This year we will again base the series on race participation NOT race placement.    

If you are a new race director and want your race to be part of the series you can contact Braveheart at                                              

It works as follows:

First of all, There is NO fee to participate.                                                       

Runners must register for each race individually.  To participate in the series, racers contact Dave Sykora at with name, email address and phone number stating that you want to be in the series.  

Important: In order for the race to count you will be required to report your participation in each race to Dave within a week of completing the race. Only races that are part of the series will count.  Participating races can be found on the Snowshoe Event page and are indicated by a "Braveheart Series" designation. If there are multiple races for one event you may do any or all of them provided you complete each race entered.  

Note: The USSSA National Competition: Any of the races completed will count for the series. This includes the citizens and relay races. See for event schedule and regulations.

This year the series will have 4 race classifications:




Mountaineering / Classic


Clydesdale / Athena



Open Class - The participant may wear any size and or style snowshoe as long as the snowshoe is no smaller than the minimum requirements of the United Stated Snowshoe Association (USSSA). See:


Mountaineering / Classic Class the Mountaineering and Classic class will be combined this year for the drawing portion of the awards.

Mountaineering - Requires the participant to wear a 30 inch or larger snowshoe any construction plus 15-lb pack (back or fanny) or weighted vest.

Note: There are race venues that have their own regulations for their Mountaineering race; i.e. Perkinstown, Badger State Games and Stomp the Swamp. It is recommended that you abide by these regulations. If you wish only to acquire points towards the Braveheart Series follow the series regulations, DO NOT enter the venues Mountaineering race and PLEASE notify the venues race director of your intention before the start of the race.

ClassicRequires the participant to wear a wood frame snowshoe. The snowshoe can be any size and any decking material, but the snowshoe must have a wood frame.

Athena / Clydesdale Class - Athena is female 150lbs+ and Clydesdale is male 200lbs+. You will not be weighed; it will be on the honor system.

Kilter’s ClassAny race participant that wears a kilt for any of the classes noted above will be entered in the Kilter’s class.


Note: You may only score one series point per race even if you qualify for more than one class.

Series Prizes:

There will be separate drawings for each of the race classifications, so participants will be eligible for more than one prize.  

Prizes will be awarded based on drawings held at the end of the season at the Lakewoods Midwest Championships. For every series race completed and reported to Dave Sykora the participant’s name will be entered into a drawing.  

Prizes will include:  3 pairs Dion snowshoes and assorted Dion apparel, two pair of ALTRA running shoes and other items from SILENT GLIDE.

A special award, hand-made by Braveheart, will be given to all participants who complete 8 or more series races.   These special awards will be awarded at the Lakewoods Midwest Championships or if winners not present they will be given out the following winter at races. You DO NOT need to be present to receive a series award, but you will need to be present to receive a door prize. Only one door prize will be awarded per individual unless there are more door prizes tha
n banquet attendees.

This year we will have an award for the racer that completes the most races in the series. If there is a tie for most races, a random drawing of those names will determine who wins the award.

Get ready for SNOW!!!!

Photo of the new 2015 Award
It's a Korean game called YUTI-NORI
2015 Award

Photo of the 2010 Award:

Photo of the 2011 Awards:


Photo of the 2012 Award: ($20 bill not included!)    2013 Award
    2013 Award

2014 Award BraveheartCake


Awards made by Jim McDonell (Braveheart)    Cake made by Beth Sykora


Braveheart 2012 Results click here.
Braveheart 2013 Results click here.

Announcing the fifth annual 2015

Relive the fun and excitement of 2011 - 2014... March 13-15, 2015 at Lakewoods Resort near Cable, WI.... (the same location as the 2011 National Snowshoe Championship).

Race with the Best of the Midwest and bring the family to enjoy a winter weekend together.  Special lodging rates if registered early.  Check out for registration, updates and more information when available

Friday, March 13, 2015
6:30 AM & 3 PM Hot Air Balloon Rides for Charity.  
9 AM – 4 PM  Race Course Preview
4 PM – 7 PM Onsite Registration

5 PM– 7 PM Racers Reception at Lakewoods Lodge

Saturday March 14, 2015
6:30 AM & 3 PM Hot Air Balloon Rides for Charity.
8 AM Registration

10 AM -- Individual Events (Start at the same time)
   5K Race ($25.00)
   10K Race ($25.00)
   Mountaineering Event ($25.00)
        Requirements for mountaineering:
         Men: 10K, 10"x46" minimum shoe
         Women: 5K, 8"x28" minimum shoe 
Noon -- Kid's Kilo
1 PM -- Relay Race ($40.00 - 4 person teams, 2.5K relay = total 10K)
3 PM -- Hot Air Balloon Rides for Charity
6 PM -- Championship Awards Banquet Pasta Buffet
   Awards & Prize Ceremony to follow (Includes Braveheart Series & Drawings)
   Backwoods Boodie Snowshoe Dance 

Sunday March 15, 2015
Open Course for enjoyment
6:30 AM Hot Air Balloon Rides for Charity.

Register early for the big snowshoe Midwest Championship race and fun get-together in Cable, WI!

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