Snowshoe Equipment

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Manufacturers of Snowshoe Equipment:

Company Name

Web Site 

Phone Number

Types of Snowshoes 
Atlas 888-482-8527 Hiking, racing, metal frame
Bigfoot Snowshoes 877-888-7426 Hiking, racing, metal frame, Adult & Children's
Crescent Moon 800-587-7655 Hiking, racing
Country Ways 800-216-0710 Hiking, traditional wood frame, snowshoe kits & furniture
Dion Snowshoes 802-423-7537 Metal frame, racing
Faber   Wood frame, hiking 
GV Snowshoes 866-445-7463 Carbon fiber, metal, wood frames
Havlick 800-867-7463 Wood & metal frame
Iverson   Wood frame traditional
Mountain Safety Research 800-877-9677 Hiking; plastic frame, kids models
Northern Lites 715-848-0490 Hiking, racing; metal frame
Redfeather 800-525-0081 Hiking, racing; metal frame
Tubbs 800-882-2748 Hiking, racing; metal frame