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These are a few pictures from our trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) of Northern Minnesota.

A cow moose feeding in a pond near the Gunflint Trail.  We were amazed at how long she could hold her breath while browsing under water.

    A young bull in deep water browses on water plants, cools himself and escapes pesty flies:

                                Bull in Deep Water.jpg (20571 bytes)

    He climbs out of the rocky lake bed when he has eaten enough:

                     Young Bull.jpg (24268 bytes)

Young calves follow a cow into the water as she browses:

      Cow and Calves 2.jpg (25962 bytes)

                            The calves are curious and watch us as we drift by slowly:

                                            Calves Only.jpg (17182 bytes)

An older bull finds a shallow pond to his liking:

                              Bull in Shallow Water.jpg (20661 bytes)