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Moose Links:  A golf course for moose.

Web Sites:

bulletA fun site which offers interesting moose tidbits, a special moose calendar, and you can join the Mickey Moose Club:
bulletSensational Moose Photos by a real Pro!
bulletAn exceptional amount of Moose information, photos, sounds and more:

Moose Literature:

bulletMoose Country   Saga of the Woodland Moose by Michael W.P. Runtz, Stoddard Publishing Co., ISBN 0-7737-5766-X, 1992, 110 pages.  An easy reading, comprehesive description of the woodland moose with a multitude of high-quality full-page photos.  Highly recommended.
bulletMoose for Kids by Jeff Fair, NorthWord Press, ISBN 1-55971-187-6, 1992, 49 pages.  A fun read for youngsters, lots of drawings and pictures.  (There is an entire series of series of wildlife books for kids by NorthWord Press.  1-800-328-3895)
bulletWild Moose Country by Paul Strong, NorthWord Press, ISBN 1-55971-638-X, 1998, 160 pages.  The author is a certified wildlife biologist.  Photographs are excellent.
bulletEcology and Management of the North American Moose compiled and edited by Albert W. Franzmann and Charles C. Schwartz, A Wildlife Management Institute book, published by Smithsonian Institution Press, ISBN 1-560098-775-8.  Encyclopedia-type book; contains just about everything you'd ever want to know about moose.
bulletMoose   Giant of the Northern Forest by Bill Silliker, Jr., Firefly Books, ISBN 1-55209-255-0, 1998, 144 pages.  The author is a noted wildlife photographer; the photos in the book are excellent and the text is very informative.


Travel to Northern Minnesota:

bulletIf you are passing through Duluth and you want information on the large ships which frequent the port city, check out: